Diploma in Acupuncture Therapy

Eligibility :Senior Secondary / Graduate or Equal or Practical experience in acupuncture / acupressure. Human   Anatomy will be Clear.

You can do it at home. Our institute will send you the Books,  Chart; Instrument. After completion of course,  one  test will be  conducted. Question paper along with  an  answer sheet will be sent to  you & you have to  deposit the  answer sheet for getting your  certificate.

Main features of this course

You can become therapist.
You can get job/service in naturopathy hospital or alternative treatment centre.
You can consider Acupressure Therapy as your profession.
You can help your family as well as others by treating them free of cost.
World health organization of Geneva has approved this system.
You can get an Award/Appreciation Certificate if your work is excellent in this field.


Human Anatomy   
Definition of acupuncture
Introduction of acupuncture 
History of acupuncture 
Science of acupuncture & yin yang concept
Qi and flow of Qi / Chi
Acupuncture Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)
Classification of acupuncture
Meridian–Introduction in channel
Five Element Theory
Meridian logy – energy balanced therapy
12 + 2 meridian separately explanation - Location & related diseases
Instruments & their uses-Types of needle, needle techniques
Position of patient and therapist.
Instructions & precautions for acupuncture treatment
Disease, Diagnosis & Treatment by needles on acu- point